A guideline in making your wedding invitation

It can be stressful to prepare for your wedding as there are many things to prepare and to consider. But it is also a big day where you can be able to share the feeling of happiness and be able to meet your family and friends. With all the stress, you may be able to lose what you have researched before as a guide to making and sending out your wedding invitation. Here is a guide on what to do and what not to do.

These just guide and there may be differences in your country and in the choice that you had made. In this time, people can just use the social media to make invitations but others send it through the messenger so the one who they know will be the one to receive it. There is a disadvantage at this time as you cannot know the total number of guests but you can make another way to confirm their attendance so you could have a head count.

Others just post it so that whoever wants can attend the wedding. But this style is not applicable to all. So get what you can apply in the guide in the infographic and just disregard the ones you will not do. Make sure to follow the one in the do not do part. Do not invite someone whom you do not want. There is that urge to attend someone’s wedding even if you are not on good terms.