Know and Understand the 7 Stages of Marriage

If there are the stages of dating, there is also the stages of marriage. According to Rita de Maria, she wrote in her book that there are seven stages of marriage and it refers to passion, realization, rebellion, cooperation, reunion, explosion, and the completion stage. Getting married is truly a very exciting thought. However, if you think of the reality, marriage is not simple. You will surely get through some obstacles and trials in your relationship if you pass through all these seven stages of marriage.

The first stage is passion. This is the stage of marriage where couples share a very strong passion. It usually last for three years. The second stage is realization. Couples would then realize that they were not ready to get married. And they would come to complain against their partner and quarrels will start to happen. If continuous fighting and quarrels happen, the next stage of marriage which is rebellion comes next visit this Jasmine bridal fashion week to divert attention. Both couple may feel cold towards each other if quarrels and fighting continue to happen.

But if the couples overcome rebellion, cooperation would be the next stage. They would cooperate to solve the problem and to have a better relationship. Reunion would be the next stage. After cooperating with each other to solve a problem, they will reunite with each other. And their relationship can go stronger. However, if they don’t solve their misunderstandings, explosion is the next stage that they are to face. But for a better future of expenses, you can choose this accounting firm to help you click 凡藝事務所. And finally, the completion stage happens wherein couples finally make a decision whether they are to stay together or not.