Types Of Bouquet

One of the essential in a wedding is the bouquet for the bride. Even if what type of wedding is celebrated in the church or the civil type, there is still the bridal bouquet. It is one that bride would be able to hold and be able to feel appreciated and love also at that day. Let us know some of the types of the bouquet you can also have during your wedding. One of the types is the posy bouquet which is made usually in round shape.

This is the popular choice at this time as i is easy to hold and they are also small that one hand could carry it.

The next type is the composite flower bouquet which is also called the Carmen Rose. It looks very easy to make when it is done but it takes time to make one. It can be the expensive of all the types of bouquet because of the hard work into it. The shower bouquet is one that was popular before and has been revived. You can put any flower in this type of bouquet. This is a traditional type of bouquet that shows elegance and also sophistication.

The Nosegay Bouquet is another type that is a traditional one. It is easy to hold also as it was designed. This type of bouquet has many flowers in it that are packed densely. The Presentation Bouquet is the type that would be cradled by the bride. There are more types like the Biedermeier Bouquet and the Pomander Bouquet.